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A Bookman’s Ghost Story   Click Here

A Video Tour of Hollywood’s Last Big General Bookshop   Click Here

Alias Bookstore to be Torn Down for Condos   Click Here

Book Shops of New York City – 1939   Click Here

Booklet Guides To Old Bookstores – San Diego Area  Click Here

Car Collides With Giant Books (Iliad Book Shop)   Click Here

Conspiracy Dudes, Scary Scientology Green Thetans and Murder Above the Bookstore  Click Here

Dave Dutton, Beloved Los Angeles Bookseller   Click Here

Death Claims 2 Booksellers From the Now Closed Cliff’s Books in Pasadena   Click Here

Delayed Reaction:  What Happened 15 Years After My Argument with Larry McMurtry    Click Here

Distant Lands Travel Bookstore Closing  Click Here

Eli Goodman Laid To Rest   Click Here

FBI Targeted Black Independent Bookstores  Click Here

Florida Radio Show Features Arnold Herr   Click Here

Found: Another Guide to Burbank – North Hollywood and Glendale.  Click Here

Hollywood Boulevard Bookstore Follies – Part 1   Click Here

Hollywood Boulevard Bookstore Follies – Part 2   Click Here

Hollywood Boulevard Bookstore Follies – Part 3   Click Here

Hollywood Boulevard Bookstore Follies – Part 4   Click Here

Hollywood Bukowski Mural Obliterated  Click Here

How Book Folks Can Save 20% On Paper Costs at Home  Click Here

Iliad Bookshop Rebuilds Crunched Giant Books   Click Here

Incredible Book Find of Rare Thomas Paine Pamphlets  Click Here

Is This The End For Cliff’s Books?     Click Here

L.A.’s Bad Boy Adam Parfrey Dead at 61  Click Here

L.A.’s Famous Whimsic Alley to Close   Click Here

Los Angeles Bard Duane Thorin Passes     Click Here 

Memorial For Duane Thorin Click Here

Memorial For Jerry Lang (Cliff’s Books)   Click Here

Memories of Departed Bookmen – Harry Bierman   Click Here

Nutty “Ling Ling” Autograph Law Replaced  Click Here

Old Bookshop Guide to Burbank – North Hollywood Area  Click Here

Paperback Show Memories   Click Here

Paul Hunt on Steve Eisenstein’s Bucks on the Bookshelf June 2, 2018  Click Here

R.I.P. Eli Goodman, 92, Cosmopolitan Bookshop    Click Here

R.I.P. William Dailey  Click Here

Should Barnes and Noble Go Back to the Malls?  Click Here

The Puerto Rico Pancake Mix Affair  Click Here

The Barnes and Noble Censorship Two-Step Dance to Oblivion Starring Milo Yiannopoulis  Click Here

The Book Stalls of Al-Muttunabbi  Click Here

The Booksellers Bell of Doom Rings for Barnes and Noble in Santa Monica

Click Here

The Lurid Underground of the Book World  Click Here

The Mysterious Bookbinder Who Roamed Hollywood Blvd. Looking for Tattered Tomes  Click Here

The Rock Man – The Saga of Jack Garvin -Part 1  Click Here

The Rock Man – Part 2  Click Here

The Secret World of Script Collectors   Click Here

The Wild Ride of a Hollywood Book Dealer (Arnold Herr)   Click Here

Tibetan Bookseller’s Story     Click Here

Trashed – How I Boosted My Immune System and Made Money Wallowing in Hoarder’s Hell.  Click Here

Tribute Scheduled for Author George Clayton Johnson   Click Here

Update on The Magic Door IV Bookshop  Click Here

Wall Street Site Questions Barnes and Noble  Click Here