Book Shops in New York City 1939

The Now Closed Gotham Book Mart Published “The Bookman’s Guide To New York” In 1939.  Here is a copy of this scarce booklet for your reading enjoyment. The descriptions of the shops are well done in the tasteful manner of the 1930s.

Rare NY Guide

Rare NY Guide

To get a copy of this booklet, click on the Gotham link below, which will open all the pages in PDF format.  Simply print them out.  Make your own booklet by cutting the pages to size and folding in the middle, staple, and you have an exact copy.  Each page of the PDF is actually two pages of the original booklet.  The actual page numbers are printed at the bottom of each page.   Please let me know if you have any old photos of any of the book shops mentioned in the booklet.

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