Libraries in Gaza Bombed Into Rubble

The Story of A Book Found Under Ruins

The Edward Said Public Library

The following video, a talk by Mosab Abu Toha, is about how he founded the Edward Said Public Library.  With an introduction by Noam Chomsky.  Please watch this video first for background information.

If you saw the video above, you will then be disturbed to read the FB post I retrieved, that Mosab and his family, fleeing from the terrors of the massive bombings of Gaza, has been taken and possibly killed by the IDF.  The slaughter of civilians is so shocking it is beyond words.

So much for education and libraries in occupied areas of Israel.  After watching the video of Mosab describing the problems of even receiving books for his library, the situation in Gaza becomes more illuminated and certainly pathetic.  Previous bombings destroyed libraries, and no doubt the present massive destruction has wiped out all remaining libraries, along with the 20,000 civilians killed so far.  Here’s a few photos of past and present destruction.

I will publish further updates as I find them.  If anyone has any information about the present status of the libraries and book shops in Gaza please contact me.

Update:  The Islamic University in Gaza and its library, founded in 1978 is completely destroyed according to reports on Aljazeera.  The President of the University and his family were killed yesterday by their home being bombed in one of the refugee camps, according to another report.

2 thoughts on “Libraries in Gaza Bombed Into Rubble

  1. The Nazis also made it a point to destroy books, and now the IDF is following in their goosesteps. Terror, murder, and senseless destruction: there doesn’t appear to be any difference between the two groups. The assumed victims of the past are now the mindless terrorists of today. Where’s the Justice, Empathy and Wisdom? Fortunately, the world is waking up to the Truth.

  2. “The mindless terrorists of today” could probably more correctly be stated “the self-righteous terrorist bullies of today”. Looks like they were busy taking notes on mass murder when they were supposedly in those camps back in WW2, because they’re doing the exact same thing right now. With the passage of HR 894 recently, does that make postings like these “antisemitic” now?? Probably in some insane Zionist clown world. Playing the race card may have worked for OJ, but the world’s not going to buy it as long as Gaza keeps getting filled up with the bodies of thousands more murdered Palestinians. How long until it’s 100,000 or even a million? Israel is losing support badly worldwide (both moral and economic), and it doesn’t look like any attempt at NWO meddling can really stop that. Ending the genocide will slow it down, but who would ever trust those fanatical churls now? They’re running out of friends, so let them try to get out of the mess they put themselves into. It’s lonely and dangerous out in the desert.

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