Dude, Where’s the Plaque?

The Bronze Plate is Still There, Slightly Hidden

by Paul Hunt

A couple of folks went by the site of Baroque Books to look for the memorial plate that was placed there to honor Red Skodolsky, whose bookshop was the model for Bukowski’s last novel “Pulp”.  Ed Murray sent a note and asked where it was, so I went by there myself to look for it.  I almost missed it as it is hidden at the bottom of the metal grate that covered the windows.

Here’s the Plaque, but notice that the address is wrong.  His shop was next to the newsstand, at 1643 N. Las Palmas, not 1843 that is lettered on the Plate.  The recent store that was in that location was called Antibellum.  It was an Art Gallery run by Rick Castro, and focused on Fetish and Bondage/Domination.  Bukowski would get some good material out of there, were he alive, and were the Gallery still open.  It closed in early 2017, and still sits empty.  Here’s a photo of the store front, I put an arrow showing where the almost hidden plaque is.  I hope the next occupant of the store keeps  it there.


A close-up of Red.  Although at the bottom off the window, he is at least safe and protected from what goes on outside.  I swear I heard someone say “Get Out”.  Maybe it came from the tattoo parlor on the corner, but it had an echo sound, like from an empty store front.


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